Caligulas Mamma: Dansa på min grav 7"
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Push My Buttons and Svarta Ljud proudly unveils the debut record from Stockholm's new punkrock future!

Thise kids burst onto the scene, playing tons of shows as either Caligulas Mamma or their sister-band Kerosene Kream but mostly both of them played.
They would hang out for hours in my store, listening and buying records.
And they're the nicest guys around too!

These four songs show both their sides - straight, fast punkrock and the weirder more arty side of punkrock.

Dansa på min grav is the spirutual successor to Lädernunnans "Ensam i natt"!

Recorded and produced by Frank E Male (HFOS, Palpöm) at his Dustward Studio.

300 copies on black vinyl.

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March 31, 2020
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Made in Sweden